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Best 3 Types of Insurance Available For Private Clinician Especially Psychiatrist

As an independent mental health practitioner, your insurance needs include: Insurance to protect your professional practiceInsurance to protect your businessInsurance to protect your income The following summarizes the common types of coverage that clinicians should consider. Not all of them will apply to you. Nor is this a comprehensive list, since your particular needs and your state or provincial regulations may vary. This post is not intended as professional advice on risk management. 1. Insurance to protect your professional practiceProfessional malpractice insurance:  Pays for legal defense if you are sued by a current or former patient. Get as much coverage as you can afford. The highest level may provide twice as much (or more) coverage as the next level down, but will not likely cost twice as much. Make sure the policy will pay for legal defense if someone files a complaint to your state or provincial licensing board. Errors and Omissions insurance: If you serve on a Board of D…