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Top 10 Criteria of Depressed People

Depressed people are very much common in our society. All of us became depressed at least once in the life time. Depressed people got some typical criteria in which they are easily different than normal people. Here is Top 10 criteria of depressed people...
1.Always Angry
Depressed people always become angry with others. They can't tolerate  others. They think that everyone trying to do any harm to them. So they just can't behave normal with others.
2. Feel guilty
Depressed people always think negative about themselves. They think that they are the most waste product in the world . They think they are good for nothing.
3. Ready to take any kind of self destruction method
As they think negative about about themselves. They are ready to take any kind of self destruction method. Because they think they deserve to be punished.
4. Feel absolutely hopeless
They lost there hope in life. They just can't think of positive of anything.
5. Always think negative
As I say they think everything that happening around them are against them. So they can't survive.
6. Want to cry, but can't
They want to shout, want to cry but they can't. Because they lose their energy. Lose their ability to shake things off. They just remain calm in outside as if nothing is happened. But deep inside they are totally break down.
7. Can not think about future
Depressed people can not think of future. Because they think there is no future. They just can't take it anymore.
8. Can not sleep
As they think too much. Their brain is so hyperactive that they can't sleep for days.
9. Don't have taste for food
Eventually they develop anorexia, loss of appetite. So there health become worse then ever. They become sick and that scenario also trigger their depressed state.
10. Hate the world and want to die
Depressed people hate all things around them. They think they do not deserve to be in the world and they want to die. So many of them commit suicide.
Although not all depressed people have got these criteria. Most of them have.
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