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Medical Life...ready for it?

I wouldn't say that life of medical students is a path laden with rose petals, but it isn't full of thorns either.

I dropped a year to prepare for medical entrance exams and that was by far the most difficult year of my 18 years on Earth.

And then happened college! I got into one of the best medical colleges and life was full of balloons and candies! All relatives were giving my example to other kids of the family, neighbours were coming to our house every other day to congratulate me.

I wish this phase lasted a little longer. Because once the daily torture of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry started, all those congratulation gifts were forgotten (JK, I loved anatomy :P ) but the constant tests, tutorials, vivas and written exams were killing me.

It was only a matter of time though, because we medical students already face the worst times preparing for entrances, and this new kinda torture doesn't make us give up so easily!

Then came the best part! My college is situated in the posh South Delhi! And in the 1.5 years of my MBBS, my friends and I have eaten at every minutely famous eatery :P we have been to every monument and mall in Delhi! We go to comedy shows every now then, go for night outs and squeeze discounts with our ID at every fair/fest!

Hauz Khas Village is our home ground and CP is our Adda now.

And once we visited everything around at least twice, we went to IIT Bombay for their fest, to Agra (for an impromptu weekend getaway).

Yes, medical education is tough. No doubt! we mug up thousands of pages of text books for exams. But we also spend thousands of rupees to make up for the daily hardwork :P

We try to attend every conference for medical students here and make new friends ! We organize many awareness events and seminars and these activities also get us brownie points from our professors :P

These pictures are from the most recent Agra trip and a conference on Organ donation we recently attended.

We witness life and death every day in the hospitals and see patients telling their dear ones their last wishes. Perhaps, this makes us a lil more immune to all the hardships of medical profession.

We may not know how to make lemonade when life throws lemons at us, but we definitely know the alternatives to all the bitter medicines we are given by Dr. Life.


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