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7 Easiest Steps to Overcome Any Fear

Written by killyniven
Overcoming our fears is the most liberating feeling in the world.

I should know.  I used to live my life in constant fear.  I was so fearful that I suffered horrifically from anxiety and depression.  I was scared to live.  I was scared to do everything that I wanted to – fly, drive long distances, interviews, public speaking, expressing myself.

The list is endless.  The truth is many are living a life full of fear.

The road to freedom is gradual one.  It does not happen overnight.  However not taking that road is worse than the fear of the unknown.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.” Paulo Coelho

I am thankful I no longer live my life in fear.  I have broken free from the destructive thought cycles that result in anxiety and depression.  I have long overcome my fear of flying, driving and interviews.  I am almost over my fear of public speaking.

And over the past month I have finally (after a very long struggle) overcame my fear of express…

Easy Ways to be Successful Under Pressure

Sometimes work or school can get super high-stakes and it can become difficult not to crack underneath all the pressure. You either have a lot riding on a presentation, have too many tasks to juggle, have a demanding boss or professor, or feel like everything is dependent on this one position to help you move forward — whatever the situation, you've found yourself in an atmosphere where the stress is high and the tension is thick. While a lot of us would be tempted to go home and complain to anyone willing to listen how tough things currently are, there are a select few of us that do something unimaginable: They weather it. And not only that — not only do they not buckle under the strain, but they thrive in it.

Superhumans, right? Maybe not quite. Every single one of us has the potential and the ability not to choke when the pressure gets turned on, just some of us might need more practice and coaching than others. With a little bit of research a game plan can get drafted, and on…