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Life in 2 line...believe it or not.

Here we go... I start my life with running. Running against my fellow competitor,my enemy. I became first in that race. I entered to the room where I got my reward. I became strong got fused, ran and found a suitable place where I could stay for the time to become independent. I succeed to become independent. I came out to a world where I could be hero or may be zero. I got scared but found myself in a place where I could get anything without even asking. Then I grew up, learnt to survive with the help of others. I tried to adapt myself to the scenario that was not favourable to me. I tried to be myself but I could not. I became a person who I was not satisfied with. I found that I was nothing in this world. I took the challenge to be something in this world. I made the mind setup to become a person what I had wanted. But again I failed, sometimes I became disappointed. I became horribly misfired, demolished, weak and most importantly just not me. I knew I had some weak point. I was n…

The way of sin

Never be the same as I walk alone with the potential that I never gonna underestimated. My life is only derived from the beginning to engage in never speech hopeless situation. I was sourrounded with fear with breathlessness. Never say never. I was alive then. What was it. That keep me alive with common people.
I am not a perfect human. I am just me with lot of hope. With lot of sin. I am me with my breath.
I never thought I would be as good as I am now. It was a dream comes true. I always wish to fullfill my dream. I have done this.
I never thought I will be as bad as I am now. I never give up. But I fail to coordinate the circumstances. I fail to judge myself from being good or bad. I am wrong. I am dishonored, I am being humiliated, I am being bangged like a false shepherd, I am washed away, I am withdrawn, I am in back with clean face no anger but mistakenly misfortunated. I don't have clue whatsoever. I am just out of my way, out of my ambition, out of my lagecy
And that'…


Nothing is happening right
Nothing is happening wrong
I have to just think that
I am my own.Days have passed
Days to go
Am I right?
Or I have to just show..Bring the joy in heart
Or bring sorrow
I have to buy with money
Or borrow...Life is tide
Try to adapt
Life is time
So just keep it up...One day all things will be ok
Then I will feel that
Am I ok?