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Black hole. A hole which depth cannot be measured. A hole where light can not pass on. But if anyone seen a black hole? Probably only a few have seen a black hole. Well I have seen a one. In my life I have found a black hole. A hole i can't measure the depth. Not only that it also increasing it's width by time. It's  horrible. It's  a nightmare! It's  took my breath away. It's  a real life mystery. I have to ran out. I have to hide. but i couldn't. I am helpless. No way to get rid of it. it's  attract me towards it. What should i do?
I have to do something. something totally different. something outstanding. something lifesaving. but what should i do?
yeah i get it? I have to breath. I have to relax my mind. full concentration on my duty and of course that last thing that will be lifesaving for me......


my work has to be done by me. So I need to be patient to do my work. It's important to be patient and sincere to my duty. I don't know what will happen in future. But I certainly know that I have to be faithful to my creator and be ready for the Future. Never give up its my moto. And I will inshallah be succesfull in my life. I can perform my duty what I have been told to do in this world by my creator. Success depends on willingness,honesty, faith to Almighty.

Need to be more responsible

What makes us responsible? Our way of living or our mentality? We should focus on our work. We should be capable of handing any problem. We should be focus on our goal. Life is just give u lot of chance but only one will be right. we should grave that lucky chance
Prosperity is relative but satisfaction is success. He who satisfy by what he get he get lot more chance to improve himself.
We all should be well known to our goal and our destiny.